How To Quickly Find Government Benefits Available to You

If you’re going through a financially difficult period of time due to loss/change of income, then you may be eligible for one or more county, state, and federal government benefits. These range from food benefits, financial aid for medical bills, childcare assistance, help with your utility and internet bills, and more. If you live in California, you can quickly discover what benefits you qualify for using a non-profit website where you can take advantage of the popular benefits finder tool provided by United Way in collaboration with the web and mobile app Benefit Kitchen.

There is quite a long list of state and federal government benefits, from CalFresh food stamps and the Obamacare programs Covered California and Medi-Cal to WIC, Head Start, HEAP, CalSavers retirement savings programs, and many more. Each program has its own eligibility criteria and instead of accessing the websites of each of these programs, you can easily use the benefits finder tool available to discover the list of benefits that you are eligible for and the estimated amount of money you would receive on a monthly basis.

California residents who are unemployed due to the pandemic or other reasons can learn about unemployment benefits, including Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) by accessing and clicking on Unemployment Benefits under Menu. If you want to see how to file your taxes for free, you can select Free Tax Filing to understand how you can take advantage of the state and federal VITA program and how you can secure the tax credits that you deserve. United Way offers a free tax service via the website myfreetaxes. org and this allows you to work with a VITA tax specialist free of charge.

If you’re struggling with money and you’re interested in finding all state and federal government benefits available to you and your family, do yourself a favor and use the online and super convenient benefits finder tool available to anyone on EKS California’s, you can also find a wealth of information on the specific programs that you qualify for. All you have to do is to click on Explore Your Options that you can see on the homepage and you will be taken through a sign-in portal. Once you’ve signed in with your Google account, you can use the tool. Answer the set of questions related to your financial situation and needs, and you will immediately get a list of the monthly benefits available to you.