Liquid Rhinoplasty: Is It the Right Procedure for You?

Scared to go under the knife? The good news is that there are non-surgical alternatives to procedures such as noselifts or rhinoplasty. Nose lifts are among the most common aesthetic procedures and are done for various reasons from purely aesthetic to functional reasons. For example, if the structure of the nose is causing breathing difficulties a rhinoplasty may be recommended by the doctor.

Liquid Rhinoplasty: What is it?

Non-surgical rhinoplasty or liquid rhinoplasty is the non-surgical alternative to a surgical nose job. Unlike a surgical nose job which requires extensive surgical incisions to reshape the nose, a liquid rhinoplasty involves injecting fillers into the nose to change the shape, elevate the bridge height or change the shape of the nostrils. This procedure is also often done to produce subtle changes in the nose, such as make the nose profile sharper and make the specific features on the nose more defined and symmetrical.

The main difference is that the effects of a liquid rhinoplasty are only temporary. The fillers used in the procedure naturally become absorbed by the body which means that the results fade over time. When this happens, the procedure can be done again to maintain the same aesthetic look.

The most common filler used for liquid rhinoplasty is hyaluronic acid fillers. Some dermatologic surgeons use a hyaluronic acid and Botox combo. For cases that only require subtle changes, only Botox may be required. It all depends on how extensive you want the results to be. For procedures where Botox is the only filler that is required, the entire procedure can take as short as 20 minutes. If numbing creams are required, the entire procedure can take as long as 30 to 45 minutes.

What to Expect After a Liquid Rhinoplasty Procedure

Since liquid rhinoplasty still requires minimal surgical incisions and physical manipulation of nose tissue, you can expect a little discomfort, bruising, and discoloration during and after the procedure. However, downtime is generally a few hours and most people can resume normal daily activities a few hours after the procedure.

Is liquid rhinoplasty the right procedure for you?

Although the results are temporary, liquid rhinoplasty is still a good option especially for those who prefer a less invasive nose job with little downtime. The effects also last for as long as a year which for many is long enough for them to enjoy the aesthetic effects of this procedure. If you are looking at nose job options and want something with fewer medical risks and lower downtime, liquid rhinoplasty is a safe and attractive option.